Harper St | Behind the Scenes

Harper St | Behind the Scenes

Sharing how boutique sunshine coast Harper St came about for owner and creator Nic Makim.

In a nutshell, I’m Nic, a lover of anything positive, fun and authentic.

I’m a born and bred Norfolk/Suffolk English country girl who fell madly in love with a gorgeous country Australian.

My happiest of places is with our kids Joe, Sophs and Jocko but it always was with, on and around horses. I can guarantee I have shovelled more shit than you’ve said! My love of cracking full pelt into the last fence on a horse loving his job point to pointing or show jumping on a horse loving and learning new tricks every day is something I doubt I’ll ever replicate. I’m an adrenaline junkie for sure! From enormous highs to tragically rock bottom lows I left my job with horses when I left England.

I got lucky with the most incredible stepdad who introduced me to Australian country people. I could never understand the vast size of Australian farming acreage. So in between a point to point season I had to check it out for myself. I ventured across the world to muster cattle up north. I knew nothing about working with cattle but I could ride a horse so I thought I might just about manage the job.

Now a few years (well it’s actually centuries, but I’ve gone past counting) down the track Joe and Sophs both enjoyed a gap year mustering cattle up north.

Rob and I farmed and developed a few properties around Goondiwindi which enabled us to be with our kids every step of the way. We have been little locals for about 15 years and now flipping love having Harper St with us on our journey.

I’d never stepped foot in Harper St before I bought it, hated shopping so rarely went and I’d certainly never worked in retail. My sister is the hotshot fashion designer in Paris. I’ve got no idea what the heck I thought I was doing buying a boutique. Thank goodness I did!

I simply wanted to spice up my work and move away from tapping out 1000’s of wellness words online. My hospitality days were done but I wanted to reconnect with people. Hysterical that heaps of my work is now back online but I’m loving the balance and I’m loving all you gorgeous peeps!

To wrap it up I’m stuck right in the middle of so much gorgeousness. I’m not interested in selling stuff, I’m all about the story behind the piece. I know a good thing when I see it and I know for sure that the more gorgeous and passionate the designer creating the piece, whether it be jewellery, ceramics or clothing the more gorgeous the person is who's buying that piece.

I do know for sure that I’m blessed with who I’ve got working with me!

Harper St is tiny but in through our doors, onto my website, inbox, live chat or phone walks the widest variety of people full of good vibes. And for that, I am truly grateful!!!!

BIG appreciation + love.

Nic xx