How Meg By Design Masters Sustainability

How Meg By Design Masters Sustainability

Maintaining a commitment to our core values and philosophy is imperative to Harper St, we believe wholeheartedly in partnering with brands and labels that conduct their business in a sustainable and ethical manner. Our collections of women’s fashion and clothing is an accurate reflection of our position and a leading light amongst our many trusted designers is the wonderful Meg By Design.

Wholly embracing the concept of slow fashion and sustainability, Meg By Design who are based in Byron Bay, have created a collection of garments that transcend seasonality, age and trends.

Shirts, dresses, tunics, cardigans and trousers, all handmade from natural fabrics are skillfully crafted to an exceptional standard, to be worn as stand out single pieces, or to come together in an inspirational and interchangeable collection. 

Suitable for all seasons you will find that the different weights of high-quality linen, silk and cotton shirts and cardigans are perfect for layering in the cooler months and perform perfectly on their own when the weather is warmer.

And in the area of sustainability, Meg By Design go to lengths not normally witnessed in such a successful global brand. Using ethically sourced natural products in their garments and labelling, avoiding plastics and using compostable components in their packaging, is not enough. This company actually composts all the offcuts and trimmings that are a result of the production of their painstakingly hand-stitched items.

Meg By Design has an amazing and unique collection of ladies' clothing designed for amazing and authentic women. Please sit, relax and enjoy our forever evolving and expanding Meg By Design collection.