Our Stylish Mother's Day Edit

Our Stylish Mother's Day Edit

Mother's Day every year is all about quality time together. Nothing fills my heart with more joy than my role as a mother to Joe, Sophie, and Jocko. Every move I make has always and will always revolve around these three special people. If, however, your language of love is 'gifts' here are a few of our best online women’s boutiques most loved brands ideal for a mother's day gift. 


Desert Trader

One of my most recent collaborations but from how they have flown out the door you guys are loving them just as much as I. Authenticity places a massive part of my business so it's hardly surprising I resonate with Sam. I haven't seen many pieces of jewellery so authentic, classy, and stylish. Samantha is based in Adelaide and created Desert Trader from deep love of travel and adventure. 

Having traveled extensively, Samantha and Tim have formed connections with different places around the world. This spirit of adventure resides within each piece and designs are developed with love to adorn the wearer and be taken with them on journeys to distant lands. With creative backgrounds in design, textiles and visual art the duo formed the brand on a shared love for adventure, eclectic taste, and passion for treasure hunting. Samantha undertook an artist residency in India and shortly after Desert Trader began.


Who doesn't love a good quality hand and body lotion and beautiful bath salts? Huxter is rocking some incredible fragrances but my favourite is the Earl Grey & Bergamot soap, lotion, and bath salts.

Huxter began back in 2016 when our founder Claudine Welsh saw a gap in the market for bespoke and meaningful gift products. Claudine wanted to create beautiful skincare products that showcased her passions for quality, fragrance, art, and exceptional style. Her unique point of difference lies in her gorgeous packaging which incorporates the work of local Australian artists. 


Daisy Cooper Ceramics

Homely, grounding, colourful, earthy, and packed full of love. Daisy Cooper Ceramics was founded in 2014 in London and since moving across the world to Australia, is now run from Daisy's home studio in Melbourne. Growing up in rural Scotland and having a great love for the outdoors and nature, influences and inspires Daisy's work.

Handcrafted using traditional hand-building techniques, each piece is pinched from a ball of clay and crafted into timeless, functional ceramics that are designed to be used every day and bring joy to anyone who uses them.


My Earth Soap

Lost for words! Initially, I loved the aesthetics of the packaging and then double flipped when I used the soap. My Earth Soaps are 100% natural and contain Soaps are made in small batches by hand.


Everything is online and in-store. Hope to see you all soon.
Happy Mother's Day