Oh! For The Love Of Magnolia Pearl

Oh! For The Love Of Magnolia Pearl

Magnolia Pearl is a range of clothing and accessories that certainly will not appeal to everyone, but that’s OK, they really don’t aspire to be mainstream shelf fillers. 

Having spent 20 years evolving and developing her own style Robin Brown, who envisaged the original concept, has a clear idea of the women that will want to adopt her look and wear her range of clothes.

But it’s not easy to pigeon hole these women, they will be from all walks of life and of all ages, but what they will have in common is the confidence to express themselves directly through their attire and to let their choice of clothing tell their story.

Magnolia Pearl transcends many normal fashion boundaries as it has deliberately created a look that snubs clean cut lines and neatly tailored pieces in favour of loose fitting, somewhat dishevelled items that often feature tears in the fabric, patches and baggy hemlines. The overall look has sometimes been referred to as Boho Chic and whilst the collection truly is bohemian in so far as stylistically it will be considered unconventional – and there is an element of chic running throughout, it does this fabulously inspired range a disservice to try and label it in conventional terms. 

For this is far from a conventional range of shirts, blouses, T’s, trousers and more. Magnolia Pearl is bold and brave and shouts out that message in no uncertain terms. Not everyone can do these clothes justice, do you think you can?