Top Sunglasses We Are Digging Right Now

Top Sunglasses We Are Digging Right Now

One of my daily loves of living in Australia is that regardless of our season we get to wear sunglasses nearly every day of the year. I love it! So much fun, so many styles to choose from and so many ways to cover up a multitude of sins from the night before. On they go and off we go. That's my kind of living; easy, effortless and functional. Creating our collections for our ladies clothes boutique requires seriously more thought.

Many ask what are the best sunglasses for my face and what are the best sunglasses to wear and even what colour sunglasses are best for your eyes. I'm like 'oh they look funky' and that's the end of it. If you love them, own it, rock them and that's that. I've seen so many beauties slip sunglasses on and look flipping fabulous, love them and then think they are too big or too round. Cool if that's their polite way of saying they don't want to buy them, but sad if they looked that good and thought they might be too small or too big. 

I am so impressed by how much thought so many of my gorgeous customers put into sunglasses. I really should take note because if the truth be told I think I look ridiculous in most of the sunglasses I wear. Anyway back to the topic of what is the latest lowdown on sunglasses. 

Square sunglasses cover most of the face so are more protective from any harmful rays and seem to suit oval and round shaped faces. Kris Jenner’s sunnies seem to always be on the square side of things.

Fancy, like me, a pair of oversized sunglasses? Oblong face shape tends to work best with oversized sunglasses. Nicole Richie will give you all the inspiration on how to wear this style. We have a few of both styles in store and online. 

Our Bestselling Sunglasses

Want to own the hottest celebrity sunglasses for only seventy dollars? Due to popular demand, thanks guys so much for asking me for them and patiently waiting. We are now fully restocked with these stunning sunglasses. Be quick as they are selling fast. No, that's not a sales line it is a genuine little heads up. 

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