Once Was Lost started 6 years ago with a vision to see ethically handmade products made in a timeless, natural style that we would be proud to wear and use every day.
Our journey has taken us across the world to find just the right artisans to partner with, finally landing in Ethiopia where our hearts were touched with the people, the culture and the quality of craftsmanship.
As a family, we believe that the simple and natural things are often the most meaningful and beautiful - a handpicked flower, a kind word, that first cup of weekend coffee in your favourite cup - so we've overflowed that feeling and aimed to infuse it into each product.  Taking on a thoughtful approach to production, for our textiles, we use only the softest, hand spun Ethiopian cotton, environmentally friendly dyes (with no nasty toxins) and nurture slower production methods weaving each product on age-old wooden looms.  For our bracelets, we partner with a small producing jeweller in Spain, whose quality and attention to detail we love.
Above all, our focus is on supporting the futures and families of our artisans.  Through your support and the sale of every Once Was Lost piece, we are able to provide safe work environments, sustainable employment as well as health care, education and additional financial support to each of our talented makers based all over Ethiopia.