I am a storyteller who ‘writes stories with words and paint’. 
I am a maker, artist, author. I make stuff up and am inspired by pretty much anything and anyone creative. 
News flash, I DID NOT do art at school! 
I’ve been making over 30 years. 
Years ago, when I lived in the bush. (Close to Nic, the wonderful owner of Harper Street, thanks for having me! x) I went to an art workshop and for the first half of the workshop, I stopped myself, convinced I was one of those people who can’t draw. 
Turns out we all can…if we want to. 
Three decades and many AHA moments later and I am here. Painting, telling stories and learning every day. I mostly paint in watercolour now they are so evocative; dribbly and a little bit unpredictable which suits me! 
In 2019 I decided to do a project… 1 painting a day for 100 days. I did this as an auction on Instagram and sold 72 of the first 100! 
That was 72 happy dances I can tell you. 
It was so great and such a thrill, I did it again 2020 this time focusing equally on the story behind them. 
There’s always one!
In 2021 I......
will do another 100 days with a different theme
plan to publish my first novel! (I wrote the first draft on the bus going to work and am excited to see where this goes).