About our new plant-based formula: It is created using cassava, cotton and corn as the base ingredients and is processed using state of the art green technology. We have access to this by working with the GLOBAL industry leaders in France, Europe. This technology allows us to use organically derived, renewable plants for production, as opposed to petrochemical standard production. It’s a new technology that has been perfected over the last decade.
We’re not stopping at plant-based, state of the art green technology though, there’s so much more…
Key features include:
Plant-based, renewable ingredients
State of the art, eco-friendly, green production
No Aluminium. We are the ONLY brand globally to not use Aluminium in production.Aluminium is the latest ingredient health-conscious consumers are looking to avoid in cosmetics
No micro plastics (glitter) We were the first brand globally to not use microplastics in production. Microplastics do not break down in nature and are a common product used that ends up in our oceans killing wildlife and sea creatures through ingestion
No Nanoparticles We are the ONLY nail brand globally to not contain Nanoparticles across their range. Nanoparticles are found in the black pigment ‘CI 77266’ or ‘Nanoblack’. We have made sure this is not in our nail polishes. “Nanoparticles can get into the body through the skin, lungs and digestive system. This may help create 'free radicals' which can cause cell damage and damage to the DNA.”
We remain Vegan, cruelty-free and breathable
The cleanest on the market – we are still the cleanest conventional nail polish available and with our new, state of the art production facility and plant-based ingredients we have gone beyond where any nail brand has been before
Still packaged in our eco-friendly packaging utilizing our locally harvested weed timber