Urge Footwear

Womens range includes flats, sandals, heels and boots. No matter what you're chasing we've got the goods to cover your feet. 

It was Sydney’s effortless street style that inspired early collections. Friends and strangers influenced the original designs that went on to become Urge classics. Over time those staples evolved as the creators looked not only to Sydney but also to the streets of New York, LA, Paris, Tokyo, London and beyond for design inspiration.
Design and Production

Urge Footwear was established on Sydney's Northern Beaches and draws design inspiration from all over the world. A whole lot of work goes into developing new Urge styles. Before a shoe is born, the creators will head overseas for ideas. In their travels they always make friends and it’s the unique streetwear styles of these ladies and gents that spurs on new pieces. The name of the character that influences a new design is passed onto the shoe.

Ever since the first range the names of the people we've meet and places we've discovered on the road are given to the shoe they’ve helped inspire. For close to a decade Urge has been producing footwear of the highest quality. Over the years they have connected with the finest material suppliers and footwear manufacturers in the world. They work closely with their makers to ensure each shoe with the Urge stamp meets their tough quality control standards.