Recycled Victorian Ash Raw Hide Chair
Recycled Victorian Ash Raw Hide Chair
Recycled Victorian Ash Raw Hide Chair
Recycled Victorian Ash Raw Hide Chair
Recycled Victorian Ash Raw Hide Chair
Recycled Victorian Ash Raw Hide Chair

Recycled Victorian Ash Raw Hide Chair

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Beautiful comfortable chair made from raw cowhide and Victorian ash. The intricate detail of this stunning centrepiece involves 260 feet of rawhide all cut by hand and woven in a wicker and typical gaucho style for strength and durability.

H: 440cm

D: 551cms

W: 510cms

Meet the Maker: Alex Makim

'My fascination with rawhide has always been strong. Rawhide was the first form of currency in the state of California in the Spanish Colonial days.

I started playing around with drying cowhide as a young teenager after watching old stockmen making rawhide “bronco “ ropes and watching horse breakers use them to rope and break in young horses. They used to say that the horse was comfortable with the feel of rawhide. It has such great elasticity and strength.

In history rawhide has been used for almost everything from housing shelter, door hinges, tying ships rigging, clothing and shoes, every aspect of horse activities and even eaten as Magellan and his crew did when he circumnavigated the world, after tying a rope to a hide and throwing it overboard and dragging it behind the ship for three days to soften it up.

The world has become a “throw-away “ society and I see so many instances of “ old family furniture “thrown away by the next generation. I believe it should be given another chance to be handed down for a couple of generations to maintain the history and family connection.

It is very satisfying to see a beautiful old chair that may have belonged to an old pioneering family from overseas brought back to life and used as opposed to being thrown out or put away up in an attic and forgotten about.

It is also most satisfying to do the whole process from skinning the beast, flensing, de-hairing and drying out the skin and cutting the strips to repair or make a chair.

I have been travelling to Argentina since 1972 and in that time have watched the “gauchos” utilize every hide from a beast for repairing their horse equipment to making what we would call “bush furniture”  as they have a very deeply embedded culture with pastoral life, live very simply, love their livestock and everything associated with life on a big “Estancia”.

Their simple way of life fascinated me and I have watched them curing hides and utilizing them for almost everything they do. From what I have learned over the years from them I can now put it into practice. It is a lot of fun being a little creative and at the same time satisfying seeing something being given another chance as a piece of furniture."

Branded WAM - William Alexandra Makim

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