Boutique On The Sunshine Coast - Harper St

Boutique On The Sunshine Coast

In an area that is blessed with natural beauty, a wonderful climate and plenty of wide-open spaces to be enjoyed there seems to be a growing desire for bright, colourful, earthy and natural material comforts for both local residents and visitors alike. Have you noticed that in recent times there has been a growth in the small authentic boutique shopping sector, especially in the number of independent traders who bring their own flashes of artistry and character with wide-ranging goods and services? Our society is crying out for something full of character, soul, quality and authenticity. As a boutique on the Sunshine Coast, the competition is real and it is becoming an increasingly interesting and very exciting space to be rocking.

Our heart-centred Harper St seems to be garnering significant interest as a boutique on the Sunshine Coast for those exploring new avenues of dressing and living. 

Carrying an eclectic range of ladies' fashion wear, natural sensory, artisan jewellery, homewares and home accessories our store is brimming full of charisma and couldn’t possibly be any further detached from the large franchises and corporations that offer mass-produced items that change as readily as the seasons.

Harper St is our home of edgy collections to elevate your everyday. Collaborating and creating our collections happens after serious consideration, digging in behind the brand to find the story and soul of the creator, maker or designer.

Many of our brands are based here in Australia, but others are from much further afield, and only when they are satisfied that their exacting criteria have been met. Because not only are their products innovative and eye-catching but their creation must be true to the philosophy of sustainability, longevity and morally responsible production that Harper St insists upon.

Settle into your sofa with a delicious drink and enjoy a scan through our catalogue and a juicy read through our editorial to gain an insight into the beautiful back stories that accompany so many of our pieces. Hopefully, you will be impressed!