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Harper St is a clothing boutique located in Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia.

Carefully curated collections of not only women’s fashion but artisan jewellery, sensory, ceramics, luxury leather, accessories, homewares and gifts that exhibit our deep connection with our treasured customers. Beautiful collections that will instil a sense of confidence and comfort, no matter your taste and style.

At Harper St ladies online fashion boutique, based on the Sunshine Coast, our commitment to bring you the finest collection of ladies clothes and fashion accessories is matched by our dedication to the philosophy of slow fashion. We believe that consumers today are better informed and have developed a new perspective which helps them make better choices when it comes to the matter of purchasing responsibly produced items. Furthermore, ecologically friendly products which were once seen as grey or boring no longer are; look at our online clothes boutique to witness the transformation that has taken place.

The Sunshine Coast is world renowned for the natural wonders that it has to offer – beautiful unspoilt beaches, outstanding inland environments hosting incredible flora and fauna, but more recently has been developing a reputation for the quality of the shopping that is available. 

You might not immediately associate the Sunshine Coast with boutiques but on closer inspection you would find a blossoming community of independent shops featuring a mix of goods that would be sure to grab your attention.

Harper St, situated in Peregian Beach, is one such establishment that has gained a foothold in this sector of the area’s economy. Featuring forever evolving, authentically brilliant brands, many from Australia but including some international labels, showcasing ladies fashion wear, accessories and homewares – they all have one thing in common. And it’s not just the unique nature of their goods, prepared and created with painstaking passion for a discerning customer but the timelessness of the collections that creates the undeniable bonds.

Within Harper St collections, you will find the latest trends but our range of goods have soul and a story behind them. They are not mass produced as a response to the change in season but a far more considered collection designed to be utilised regardless of the latest headlines in the fashion journals.

Slow fashion is a concept that is utterly embraced by Harper St, along with the belief that women can truly express themselves through the choices of clothing that they wear. Visit the store, or browse online – Harper St - one of the many leading lights of boutiques on the Sunshine Coast.

And at the heart of the principle of slow fashion is the willingness to use locally produced, recyclable materials to create products of quality that transcend seasonality and can be used throughout the year. Sadly, many large fashion retailers still favour the approach of low use, low quality and disposability which is directly opposed to the concept of slow fashion. Our ladies online clothing boutique offers a timeless and stylish collection that is ethically sourced and produced but that will also enhance your wardrobe for years.

Our carefully selected suppliers of clothing to our women’s online boutique are required to demonstrate a commitment to ethical business practice and still meet our exacting standards in style and sustainability. We believe that this is just one of the factors that helps Harper St stand out from other women’s clothing online boutiques highlighting us as one of the best online women’s fashion boutiques. Well, that's what you guys are saying, which we are truely grateful, but we have a background of sportsmanship so our position will always remain humble.

As a ladies online clothing boutique, our seasonal and on-trend fashion wear, including a diverse collection of dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, and knitwear, is at the very core of the Harper St set up. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated or cosy style, our offerings cater to any occasion. Visit our dress shops in Noosa for an exclusive range. Additionally, our ladies clothes boutique emphasizes ethically produced natural fibres and sustainability, minimizing the impact on the environment.

Our range of fashion accessories has been selected to complement our online ladies clothes boutique and features a wonderful array of bags, footwear, hats, sunglasses and more, everything you would expect from a leading women’s fashion boutique.

Hand in hand with these collections are our assortments of homewares, jewellery and lifestyle pieces. You will find ceramics, mirrors, tableware and artwork amongst the range of homewares and our selection of jewellery offers rings, bracelets necklaces and earrings. Again, the designers and items that have been brought together in these collections in our women’s online boutique, further the theme of casual sophistication and feature production from natural products.

To beautifully round up our range of products in our ladies fashion boutique is our lifestyle collection. We have brought together an enlivening assortment of soaps and fragrances that will develop and augment your well-being.
Located on Peregian Beach is the small but wonderfully presented ladies fashion boutique that is
Harper St Although modest in size, Harper St is big in personality and reflects the ethos and spirit of its modern-day creator, Nic.
Showcasing unique items of women’s boutique clothing, accessories and home furnishings, brought to you from creative individuals around the world, rather than from large faceless corporations, our store itself offers little more than a glimpse of what else is available. For it is the Harper St online clothes boutique where you will
see the full range of goods and begin to feel the trans-seasonal, laid-back ambience of our carefully curated collections.
Indeed, each item presented in our woman’s online boutique has been selected not just on its style and looks, but also because of the manner in which it has been created - by the hands of true artisans, committed to causing minimal environmental impact.
Take the time to browse through our eclectic women’s clothing and fashion online boutique, gain
pleasure in perusing our clothing, jewellery, body lotions and soaps; stir your soul and arouse your own sense of style. Celebrate as we do, in the provenance of each and every item.
And to further enhance your shopping experience why not take advantage of our Local Pick-Up service – where your online orders can be collected from the Harper St boutique shop on the Sunshine Coast, without incurring any shipping costs.

There may be a proliferation of ladies fashion boutique outlets, but for the discerning and socially aware shopper, Harper St, a stand out woman’s fashion boutique, situated on the Sunshine Coast at Peregian Beach, provides a stylish catalogue of responsibly sourced and manufactured ladies fashion and accessories.
With an unfailing commitment to the principles of slow fashion, Harper St ensures that only the very best products from our most trusted brands that share our philosophy, are presented in our store or on our online fashion and clothes boutique. Clothing brands such as Magnolia Pearl and Eva Cassis are complemented by an outstanding array of accessories, jewellery, perfumes and lifestyle items that make Harper St the best of online women’s boutiques.
With such a collection of unique, artisan crafted items you may find yourself engrossed whilst browsing through our ladies online clothing boutique, but where longevity and sustainability of products are paramount, taking time to appreciate them seems more than appropriate!
When shopping with Harper St, you can be assured of the provenance and quality of all of our items and that those within our women’s boutique clothing range will afford you countless opportunities to wear them, regardless of the season or the latest ‘new’ fashion trends. Our women’s clothing online boutique consists of clothes that transcend such short-term influences and remain stylish and relevant through the passage of time, offering excellent value for money too.
Why not start creating your new wardrobe today? Drop by the store or browse online, we’ll be delighted to serve you.

Harper St, the fabulous boutique on the Sunshine Coast, at Peregian Beach, has always reached out to a particular type of shopper that shares their views on fashion and how it can have such a positive influence on the spirit. And as such, delivering much more than a simple shopping experience, strong bonds are often formed between the store and customers that is forged on shared outlooks and perspectives, as well as the intimate level of service that has always been offered.

To celebrate this, and to demonstrate that loyalty is a two-way street, Harper St are proud to announce that we have recently launched a new loyalty rewards program whereby points can be collected by signing up to the scheme, from every dollar spent making purchases and even from simply following us on social media. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

Harper St is home to an almost unimaginable wealth of creative designs in ladies’ fashions, homewares, jewellery and more, that can sooth and yet excite the soul simultaneously. An open mind and freedom of thought can embrace the Harper St culture – what is stopping you from joining us?

At Harper St our passion is to satisfy the clothing needs of women everywhere. We know that trends may change with time and the seasons, but the need for style persists. Our ladies fashion boutique keeps in touch with these changes and our timeless collections will always reflect this without compromising our dedication to ethical and sustainably created products.

Many of our suppliers and designers are locally based but in order to offer you a complete collection we are happy to bring you items that originate from around the globe.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and truly value our customers at Harper St and believe that online shopping should be an enjoyable experience. In an effort to ensure this we have created a simple easy to navigate online catalogue where you can shop for a specific item, by category, or browse the entire range at your leisure.

Located a little more than 120 km to the North of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast is the secluded and charming village of Peregian Beach, popular with visitors who soak up the friendly, chilled vibe whilst taking advantage of opportunities to shop and dine out in tranquil surroundings. And amongst an array of Sunshine Coast boutiques is the jewel in the crown, Harper St Ostensibly, Harper St may seem to be just like so many other boutiques on the Sunshine Coast, but with a little closer look you will soon discover how different Harper St really is. Offering an extensive range of goods from women’s clothing to homewares, jewellery and perfumes this collection is extraordinary in its provenance. Jewellery hand crafted by villagers in Zambia, handmade furniture and accessories from Java, lovingly hand-made jewellery from Florence, wooden bowls and baskets from Morocco and India and a plethora of Australian made products, all have one thing in common. And that is the manner in which they are created. It is not enough that each item, whether clothing, jute rug or scent diffuser is stunningly unique, Harper St will only add items to their carefully curated collections that fulfil their exact requirements in terms of sustainable, responsible production and conscientious business practice. Finding designers, artisans, makers, artists and creators that meet the brief and then bring their inspirational work to a wider audience is a deep-seated passion for Harper St owner and creator Nic Makim. So, if you are looking for the best online women’s boutique experience, with a wonderfully assembled collection appealing to women everywhere, here at Harper St we will be delighted to take care of you.

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Nestled in the heart of Peregian Beach, Harper St offers an exclusive collection that captures the spirit of seaside living. Our unique selection embodies the perfect blend of comfort, style, and the serene vibes of the ocean. From fashion-forward pieces to sustainable home decor, we have something special waiting for you.


Harper St,

The Boardwalk, 3 Heron St, Peregian Beach, Qld, 4573, Australia

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