About Harper St

Harper St is a Peregian Beach based boutique inspired by a desire to offer beautifully curated collections of ladies apparel, homewares, jewellery and gifts with a focus on effortless style, cosy, casual feels and laidback luxury.
We love our village vibe here at Peregian, and we pride ourselves on delivering an authentic shopping experience, friendly service and going above and beyond for our wonderful customers.

We have a strong focus authenticity. Internationally we collaborate with designers who are committed to ethical business practices, cutting edge style and sustainability.

Harper St, although modest in size, is big in personality and reflects the ethos and spirit of its modern-day owner Nic and retail superstar Verity.

Please pop in and say hello in the heart of beautiful Peregian Beach.

retail superstar

Verity enjoys finding her customers the perfect piece to add to their wardrobe or home using her expert product knowledge.

Verity uses all her experience from traveling the world, living in London, and modeling through her younger years to more recently running a family business with her husband designing interior spaces, and constructing homes for clients in NSW and QLD.

Verity has worked in retail on and off for over 20 years. Verity's fondest moment in her life was two years exploring our beautiful country with her husband and two gorgeous girls, gathering up tonnes of Australian culture, history, and the vibes of superb locations.

Verity enjoys her days at Harper St chatting to her gorgeous customers about their travel adventures, and fashion loves.

Verity will always give one-on-one service and attention to all, either online or in-store.



owner + creator

My little gig Harper St is all about helping others feel amazing.  

Happiness is an internal process but a cracking design, fabulous kicks, edgy jewellery and sexy scent go a very long way towards helping one feel flipping amazing. 

Many of our designs have hearts, stars, rainbows, flying fish (metaphor for releasing your imagination) and LOVE woven within their design which all resonate a feeling of goodness.

With a lifetime of being surrounded by style, class and design, I know a good thing when I see it. I’ve found a love for curating edgy collections. I’m keen on sustainability, ethical and slow fashion. It’s not dull and boring anymore. It’s a very exciting time for slow fashion.

I think in Australia we are sitting on a plethora of natural talent and many of us, including myself are beginning to put our money where our mouths are by investing in Australian Made. If, however, there is something crazy cool going on internationally I’m right in on the action. But there has to be an authentic edge. 

 I don’t do ‘boring’ and thrive on authenticity. For me, it’s not about trying to be ‘out there different’ it is simply about not following the crowd and not wearing what everyone else is wearing. Could be the undoing of my gig but it’s the only way I rock. Thankfully we have incredible clients whom I adore chatting with. I am enormously grateful for each and every one of my lovely locals and fabulous visitors.

I’m not interested in selling stuff. I’m all about quality fabric, cutting edge design and the story behind the brand. Happens every time…the more authentically gorgeous the designer, the more beautiful the piece and the more gorgeous the client buying the piece. I feel honoured to be right in the middle of all this gorgeousness winging in, out and around Harper St.

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