From Mulberry Mongoose’s workshop, located on a well-trodden elephant path in the Zambian bush, local craftswomen handcraft this exquisite jewellery range using natural materials from the South Luangwa valley.

In an area where unemployment is a reality, this group of creative and courageous ladies share stories, ideas and aspirations while creating beautiful jewellery pieces to support their families and conserve the unique place that inspires their work.

Mulberry Mongoose’s signature collection is made using snare wire removed from snare sets and cut free from wounded animals during anti-poaching patrols.

With every piece of jewellery sold, a donation is made to help Conservation South Luangwa remove the snare wire traps that kill and injure many of the area’s iconic wildlife.

Other locally sourced materials turned into jewellery include guinea fowl feathers supplied by local farmers, hand-carved wooden beads, freshwater pearls and vintage coins picked up from Zambian markets.

One snare bead takes approximately one hour to hand make.

It’s a labour of love, creating beauty from brutality.

We hope you enjoy this amazing story of conservation, female empowerment, craftsmanship and beauty.