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Magnolia Pearl Clothes For Defying Conventional

In today’s helter-skelter world in which we live, where styles, trends and societal values are constantly changing many of us seek a connection to a thread of continuity and calm in our lives. Magnolia Pearl clothes are perfect for expressing our individuality. Don't you think that expressing our own inner authenticity and philosophy towards life has often been achieved by the clothes that we choose to wear? As our Magnolia Pearl collection continues to expand we dig deeper behind the brand to see what's going on.


The range of Magnolia Pearl clothes that we are proud to include in our Harper St collections will appeal to women who dare to defy conventional standards of sartorial elegance and prefer to demonstrate their own style with apparel that is as timeless as the stars but encompasses the fluidity of the vast oceans.

Magnolia Pearl is now in their twentieth year, Magnolia Pearl who originates in Texas, has transformed themselves from a small and humble operation into one that now produces iconic and many sought-after items. With an emphasis on vintage fabrics such as lace, velvet and silks, each item is thoughtfully designed to be free-flowing, offering comfort and ease of movement whilst maintaining its distinctive styling and unique vibe.

The generous cut of each garment allows one size to ‘fit most’ as the tailored, body-hugging look is definitely not a part of the Magnolia Pearl mantra. A focus on the quality of materials used, and responsible and sustainable production is far more important than creating default sizing for mass production.

And with new lines constantly being introduced to the range, Magnolia Pearl goes from strength to strength, demonstrating the enormous appeal that they have to free-thinking women around the globe.

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