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Magnolia Pearl Clothes + Growing Tribe

Robina Brown, the inspirational creator of Magnolia Pearl clothes range of ladieswear and accessories, set out on her journey with a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve. A look that was unique, memorable and liberating and that challenged the conformity of the mainstream fashion world.

In the range of Magnolia Pearl clothes, you won’t find clean lines and sculptured tailored fits, but instead, you will encounter a philosophy of expression and freedom that encourages the wearers to embrace their individuality with a sense of bravado that excites and exhilarates.

And even though the majority of the range is created in a ‘one size fits all’ that some might initially find to be a challenging concept to come to terms with, the reality is that the generous cut of the fabrics and the very considered styling really does cover nearly all eventualities.

The extensive range of Magnolia Pearl clothes including jackets, shirts, dresses, t-shirts, and trousers are all born from a desire to cast aside the normal constraints of fashion and to create a look that shouts out that you are telling your story through the choice of clothes you wear. 

Magnolia Pearl clothes are a globally recognised brand, often seen on movie stars and singers. They have a strong kinship amongst their growing band of admirers and patrons that speaks volumes for the impact that their philosophy can make upon women around the world.

Why not join the Magnolia Pearl tribe… don’t let convention hold you back!