Pesci Che Volano 'fish that fly' Jewellery - Harper St

Pesci Che Volano 'fish that fly' Jewellery

A simple brand name, but born of a profound concept and inspired by a painting created in the early 16th century by renowned artist Hieronymous Bosch. ‘Pesci Che Volano’, fish that fly. The message brought to us by the symbolism of flying fish is, in the words of the brand’s creator, Elano Doscio, to ‘live your life according to fantasy’ and ‘to ride your dream’. 

And for Elano, this is more than idle words or a soundbite to spark your imagination, it reflects the story of how this unique brand of jewellery advanced from a simple idea to reality. From humble beginnings and with no recognised training, Pesci Che Volano has produced a range of rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings that are like no other.

The almost forgotten process of wax casting ensures that no two pieces are ever identical, but as a whole, the range is different to the super shiny, perfectly polished items you may come across in your local High St. With an emphasis on unpolished metal that will develop its own patina Pesci Che Volano may challenge your prior sense of beauty.

All items are crafted by hand and have a contemporary air whilst still compelling you to consider the fact that they could conceivably be centuries old. There are no lines of perfect symmetry and circles are not perfectly round – but therein lies the beauty of this range.

The saying goes, that he who works with his hands, his head, and his heart is truly an artist.