Slow Fashion & Talented Designers - Harper St

Slow Fashion & Talented Designers

Welcome to the Sunshine Coast, a place known for its natural wonders like pristine beaches and outstanding inland environments that host incredible flora and fauna. But you might not know that the Sunshine Coast is also home to some amazing shopping! Don't be fooled by its small size - the blossoming community of independent shops here will grab your attention and have you hooked in no time!

Harper St, situated on Peregian Beach, is just one of the amazing establishments that has rapidly gained a foothold in this sector of the area's economy. With dozens of different brands, many from Australia but including some international labels, our boutique showcases ladies' fashion wear, accessories, and homewares - all with one thing in common.

It's not just the unique nature of our goods, which are prepared and created with painstaking passion for a discerning customer, but also the timelessness of our collections that creates an undeniable bond. You'll find the latest trends at Harper St, but our range of goods also has soul and a story behind it. Our collections are not mass-produced as a response to the change in season - they are far more considered, designed to be utilized regardless of the latest headlines in the fashion journals.

At Harper St, we embrace the concept of slow fashion and believe that women can truly express themselves through their clothing choices. So come visit our store or browse online and see why Harper St is the leading light of boutiques on the Sunshine Coast!