Sunshine Coast Boutiques & Bond St - Harper St

Sunshine Coast Boutiques & Bond St

When you hear the term ‘Sunshine Coast Boutiques’ you may be forgiven for casting your mind back to the late 1960s in London where the fashionable shopping areas of the day, Bond St and King’s Road, popularised the term, applying it to the proliferation of small, independent clothes shops that set trends the whole world would soon follow.

Furthermore, boutique refers not only to small fashionable clothing outlets but also to any business considered to be small and sophisticated and often describes hotels, wineries and similar enterprises.

Harper St fulfils both definitions of the word boutique but is as far away from the West End of London as you are likely to find, located in the wonderful village of Peregian Beach situated on the Sunshine Coast. In fact, you might think that the word boutique was created especially for our forever-increasing popularity of Peregian Beach boutiques. Harper St is a curation of edgy collections of ladies' wear and accessories lovingly sourced from all corners of the globe that defy conventional fashions, instead focusing on authentic, slow fashion and sustainability. 

Many of the individual collections are from home, here in Australia, but you will also find eye-catching products from Africa, Europe and USA, but more than that, take a closer look and you will discover an intriguing back story that gives life and meaning to each brand found within the store.

Generations after the ‘Swinging Sixties’ Harper St brings the boutique's whole meaning and spirit to the Sunshine Coast.

As we continue to grow our MADE IN AUSTRALIA collections we will also be having stunning new drops from Meg By Design, Magnolia Pearl and Pesci Che Volano happening regularly. Be sure to keep in touch with them when they arrive by subscribing to our newsletter.