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Sustainable Fashion & Harper St

Sustainable fashion is a growing trend, with more and more people wanting to shop ethically. But how do you stay fashionable while still shopping sustainably? One of our core values at Harper St is sustainability. I think it's important to choose quality over quantity but there's a trick to that in itself. Not all sustainable brands hit the mark, it's so easy to get it wrong. I've only been in this retail game for a few years. I've had to learn very quickly! I don't think I've ever had a steeper or sharper learning curve. It's been challenging, fulfilling, fun, juicy and so rewarding.  I'm interested to hear your opinion but here are some tips on how to look great while maintaining mindfulness for our planet.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

We’ve all been there—falling prey to the “fast fashion” trap of buying cheap clothing that doesn’t last more than a few wears. Instead, opt for quality over quantity when it comes to your wardrobe. Invest in pieces that will last and won’t need replacing soon.

Look for timeless cuts and classic styles over trendy items that will be out of style by next season. Not only will this save you money, but it's also better for the environment as the production of these items requires fewer resources and generates less waste.

Invest in Australian Made

Big moves are happening within the Australian-made arena. Emerging designers are shifting the face of Australian fashion.

Sharp lines and edgy styles are evolving and I've got my eye on this space. One of my primary focuses at Harper St is Australian Made. Buying Australian-made comes with a hefty price tag which I think many of us are beginning to understand. Once we comprehend the cost of production, endless hours of work and talent of the designer we soon realise that the price tag on the garment is worth every cent. That's when the stories behind our brands matter most. I've only touched the edges of the 'meet the maker' side of my gig. I'm keen to learn more about what ignites fashion designers and how they continually create new designs and collections year after year in a sustainable manner. 

I know for sure that the more gorgeous the designer, the more gorgeous the piece and the more gorgeous my client buying that piece.  This happens time and time again at Harper St. Eva Cassis hits this mark to perfection. I've got my eye on her!

Buy from Brands with Sustainable Practices

Finally, if you want to buy something new, research brands first and see what their practices are like. Are they using sustainable materials? Do they have fair labour practices? How much water does their production process use? Knowing this information can help you make informed decisions about which brands are truly sustainable ones worth investing in.

Sustainable fashion doesn’t mean sacrificing style. It just means being intentional in your purchases and buying smarter! Investing in quality clothing that will last rather than trendy pieces; shopping and researching brands with sustainable practices are all excellent things to keep in mind when shopping sustainably while staying fashionable. With these tips, you can be sure your wardrobe looks excellent while being eco-friendly at the same time!