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7 Different Dress Types And Styles For Women

Not sure what sort of dress to buy for your next big event? Or which styles flatter your body shape? As a women's fashion boutique we thought we would have a look at a few. Here are the seven top dress styles for formal, semi-formal and casual events.

1. Wrap Dress

The great thing about wrap dresses is that they are really adaptable. If you have ever wondered ‘how should a dress fit a woman’, you should try a wrap. Whether you’re curvaceous, boyish or anywhere in between, a wrap will look good.

2. Shift Dress

Popularised in the ‘60s, the shift dress is another dress that looks good on almost everyone. Shift dresses are boxy and loose-fitting, so they tend to be pretty forgiving for most of us.

3. Sheath Dress

Ever wonder to yourself, ‘How do you look classy?’ Well, a sheath dress may be your answer. Go with a bold colour and you’ll be serving Madmen realness perfect for a formal or semi-formal event.

4. Shirt Dress

Either a shirt dress, or if you’re not the tallest lady, then literally a men’s shirt is an ultra-cool dress type for most women. Cool as in you look great, and cool as in great for the summertime!

5. Tea Dress

A tea dress is technically any dress one would wear for afternoon tea, but, it usually means an A-line midi dress. They often come in pastel colours or floral patterns — the definition of cute.

6. Tube Dress

Tube dresses are back, baby! As we return to early-'00s style, this racy and sometimes unreliable style of sleeveless dress is everywhere. 

7. Empire Waist Dress

Post Little Women and Bridgerton, women everywhere can celebrate the fact that the empire waist dress, with its food-baby obscuring high waist, is once again back in stores and on catwalks. Empire waist dresses flatter everyone and come in styles from babydoll to floor-length and red carpet ready.

Hopefully, at least one of these styles takes your fancy. They were carefully selected to cover everyone’s bases but be sure to keep an eye on our all our new arrivals by signing up to our newsletter to be right in on the action of everything Harper St.