Authenticity Is Gold! Introducing Magnolia Pearl - Harper St

Authenticity Is Gold! Introducing Magnolia Pearl

Many of the best online women’s boutiques around the globe represent this exquisitely artful fashion line. Over the years I've watched them grow and now I'm honoured to introduce Magnolia Pearl to Harper St. To be honest Magnolia Pearl, or MP as it is affectively known, is with us mainly because of my customers requests. I love that you want something different and I'm totally grateful to have such gorgeous customers sharing their positive and helpful thoughts. 

I love authenticity, funky fashion and bold designs. Hearing many of you kindly tell me 'God it's so good to see something different' means the world to me because I spend hours sourcing something authentically different. Something created with passion. Something that makes you feel so damn good you can't help but slice a sassy strut into your stride. Any idiot can copy what someone else is doing...sheep are boring! So for those of you strutting to the beat of your own drum, here is MP.

Stocked around the world, in a few boutiques in New South Wales and Victoria and only one other shop in northern Queensland we are bringing you something totally different to anything you see in Queensland.

Magnolia Pearl is more than just clothing. MP envelopes the old-world feel of Fredericksburg with headquarters being an old grain barn style building made with reclaimed wood, which was sourced from all over America.

Among their store's grand architecture is a hand-crank platform elevator that was used in the late 1800's in an old cotton mill. The columns and beams that support this structure were hand hewed by farmers and craftsman over a hundred years ago and hold sturdier than most materials sold today.

Delving deep into creator-visionary Robin Brown's childhood, influences and ethos, on a mission to spark a revolt with the feel of a movement from Magnolia Pearl's rebel sidekicks.

.Magnolia Pearl is a "horizonal" brand...a work in progress instead of a destination, an elusive sense of a beauty that adheres to a curve even when others insist on a line. 

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