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Boutique Sunshine Coast | Slow Fashion

As one of the many boutique sunshine coast, we strive to support Australian Made, sustainable designers and creators. Deep at the very core of the ethos of Harper St is the reliance on slow fashion, which is characterised by its commitment to responsibly and ethically produced items, the production of which has a minimal negative impact on the environment and those involved in the production process.

Hand in hand with this belief is the acceptance that the modern wardrobe should consist of sustainable apparel rather than poorly, often mass-produced items that may be worn rarely.

So, if you would like some tips on how to master a stylish, sustainable wardrobe, here is some simple but very relevant advice.

Avoid buying any clothes that you know you will only wear a couple of times – even for special occasions like a wedding – take your time to select something stylish that you can get many repeat wears from.

Choose trans-seasonal clothes – not always easy if you live in an area with extremes of seasonal weather, but classic dresses, jackets and trousers will last the test of time, through all seasons.

Take your time to get to know your suppliers and manufacturers, and assure yourself that they meet the standards that you are looking for in terms of sustainability.

Don’t shy away from items that seem expensive to you. Choose quality over quantity. You are more likely to take extra care of a garment that represents a serious financial investment – and be prepared to have repairs undertaken before you consider discarding an item.

Make Harper St women’s fashion boutique your first choice for slow fashion shopping.

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