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Meet Our Designers | Australian-made Eva Cassis

One of the many things we focus on here at Harper St is Australian-made pieces and we are thrilled our Australian-made collections are expanding. Our Eva Cassis label is right at the forefront of our evolving Australian-made collections. I'm always fascinated by the story behind the brand, how talented creatives tick and what fuels their creativity. Join me with a delicious cappuccino and enjoy my interview with Eva Cassis.

Eva Cassis label was born out of frustration with mainstream fashion. I wanted to create a label that was comfortable, chic, and luxurious quality and celebrated all women. A label that made women feel seen and valued.

Our core values have always been ethics and kindness. Working in the fashion industry for almost 10 years prior to launching the Eva Cassis label I knew that these were values that were not usually associated with the fashion industry but they were human values that I felt were important to prioritise in business.

Where Is Your Clothing Made?

Eva Cassis label has been proudly Australian-made in Sydney since launching in 2012 and although we are growing and therefore growing our team we still work with the makers that launched our brand 10 years ago which is something I am EXTREMELY proud of!

I also still embroider details by hand in my Sydney studio and it is a process that I absolutely love. It adds beauty but it also adds love to every piece making each garment a special keepsake to be treasured for years to come.

What Fuels Your Creativity?

My creativity is always inspired by a feeling. Clothing should be beautiful and make us feel special as soon as we put it on, it should feel luxurious against the skin, and it should be comfortably fitting so you don’t have to pull and tug at seams all day long. Garments should also create ease in your life and seamlessly style with existing pieces in your wardrobe and I find my inspiration is abundant with just day-to-day living. I never start with a design aesthetic I always start the design process with a purpose and feeling I want to evoke.

Favourite Career Moments

I started this business because I wanted to make women feel confident and beautiful so I would have to say hands down my favourite career moments are the reviews, emails and messages I receive from women thanking me for creating beautiful clothing. We have quite a few ladies that only wear Eva Cassis label and I can’t even explain how humbling that is. Even spotting my clothing when we are out and about on the weekend makes me so giddy! 

Favourite Items

After my 2 beautiful little boys, I would have to say my handmade ceramics collection. They are little works of art and each item feels like a treasure. It is such a joy to share a meal on handmade ceramics. 

Average Work Day

My average work day has changed a lot over the years. These days my mornings are spent packing orders and afternoons alternate between working on content, designing capsules, managing production and organising photoshoots. Every day is different which keeps things really exciting and fun.

The Moment Your Passion Evolved Into A Profession

I think I was always destined to work in fashion. I taught myself to draw and sew at a very young age and I always had my mum and grandma teaching me new skills. I studied fashion design out of high school and tried everything from retail, VM, and buying before I started Eva Cassis label. I loved it all and feel so grateful that this is what I get to do!

Skill Your Want To Accomplish

If I could be better at tech that would be amazing.

Future Collaborations

I have so many ideas for collaborations I don’t know that I could fit them into an article. There’s nothing better than when creative souls come together and I think you will see many collaborations in Eva Cassis labels' future.

If You Could See Your Work Displayed Anywhere

It’s my dream to one day have a studio shop where people can come and see the process and how much goes into creating an Eva Cassis garment and really connect with the process.

Favourite Holiday Destination

I think what’s calling on the heartstrings the most is taking my boys to Cyprus and the Greek Islands to show them where we came from. Especially heading into the cold months in Sydney all I want is to sit on a beach with a Greek coffee frappe draped in linen.

How Do You Stay Balanced

The older I get the more important my daily rituals have become. A quiet coffee after the boys are dropped off at daycare. A walk to the river or resetting my energy with meditation. The busier life and business get the more important it is to prioritise self-care.

Are You A Minimalist or Maximalist?

Definitely a minimalist. I value quality and hate clutter.

You Couldn’t Get Through The Weekend Without...

Wine, cheese and laughter.

Where Can We Find You?

Name: Evangelia (Eva) Cassis


Insta: @EvaCassis_label

FB: EvaCassisLabel