Meet Our Designers | Me & Amber - Harper St

Meet Our Designers | Me & Amber

My relationships with our treasured customers and our talented creative designers are at the core of our boutique sunshine coast. I value these relationships! I’m always fascinated to find out how creatives do their do. So we’ve been chatting and we have a series of interviews for you to enjoy. Kickstarting our Meet Our Designers editorial we have your much loved Me & Amber Greeting Cards.

Tell us about who you are and what you do?

I’m Karen - half of the team from Me & Amber. Amber and I have been best friends since we were about 5, and started our business after we graduated from Design at UTS. Our business mainly comprises our brand, which sells screenprinted stationery and homewares to beautiful shops (like Harper St!) around Australia. We used recycled materials wherever possible, and pride ourselves on local production.

We also do some graphic design work for small businesses, focusing mainly on identity design.

What’s something you do every day which sets your creativity on fire?

I find the ocean is a really calming and inspiring place. We are lucky enough to live by the sea, and although I don’t swim in it often enough, just looking at it, and hearing its beautiful sounds is enough to spark something inside me!

What’s the most treasured item in your home? 

It would have to be the photo books my mum has kindly and laboriously created for my family – she does one each year for the kids, and on a recent milestone birthday, she made one on of my entire life! The kids adore flicking through them as much as I do.

What does your average work day look like?

At the moment, working through the pandemic with 2 young kids means that working from home is even more of a juggle than usual. I am lucky that my workdays are pretty flexible, and the kids are used to entertaining themselves - so sneaking work in in the daylight hours is acheivable! Unfortunately getting any screenprinting done while Harry (3) is awake is basically impossible – somehow his cheeky fingers always end up smudging the prints!

Can you pinpoint the moment what you do turned into a profession for you? 

The first trade fair we ever exhibited at (Life InStyle maybe 2008?) Within about 5 minutes of the show opening, we had our biggest order ever, and it solidified our dream of running this business into a reality.

What’s a skill you want to accomplish in 2022?

I’d absolutely love to learn ceramics, and how to throw pottery on a wheel. And regain some fitness that has been sadly lost through the pandemic!

If you could collaborate with anyone (brand or individual) who would it be? 

A clothing range with Gorman would be pretty ace. Custom designs for MoMA or the TATE Modern would also be a dream!

If you could see your work displayed absolutely anywhere, where would it be? 

Ooh that’s a good one! Probably in an internationally renowned gallery store, like MoMa or TATE Modern!

You’ve got a week off… where are you headed?

Right now, anywhere out of Sydney sounds desirable (although I seriously love this city!). Dreaming of a trip back to Japan, this time with the kids, otherwise exploring beautiful New Zealand or Tasmania.

What’s your favourite project/design so far and why?

Something about illustrating our A to Z of dogs was a really fun process. I’m a huge dog lover, and got a lot of enjoyment trying to capture each of the different breeds personalities with a few pencil strokes! And yes, there is a dog that starts with an X. And Z!

What's your signature dish?

Carrot cake! The recipe came from my mum, but I have tweaked it over the years, and it is pretty yummy!

How do you stay balanced?

Such a tricky one… these days I don’t feel particularly well balanced at all! Pre covid, going to the gym a few times a week, and catching up with friends, kid-free, always helped.

Minimalist or Maximalist

An aspiring minimalist but I have a long way to go!

I couldn’t get through the weekend without……

Multiple cups of tea, a walk by the ocean, cuddles from the kiddies…

Where to find you

Name: Karen Enis

Business Name: Me & Amber


Instagram: @meandamber