Noosa Clothing Boutique Winter Tones - Harper St

Noosa Clothing Boutique Winter Tones

Apparently, Harper St is gaining attention from those usually interested in a Noosa clothing boutique As much as we do love hearing these words we love being in the heart of our gorgeous Peregian Beach village. There is a very special vibe going on in, out and around Peregian village and it just keeps getting better every month! Also, we originate from country, farming, and sporting backgrounds so the only way we know is to stay firmly humble with our heads down continually trying harder and deepening our connections with our gorgeous growing family. 

Harper St growing renown is a unique and fascinating store that can be found a short stone’s throw from the shoreline in the fabulous Peregian Beach. To many of its growing band of loyal customers, Harper St is a haven in which they can immerse themselves whilst discovering new and profound ways to express their individual characters through how they dress and adorn themselves.

‘Ethical’ ‘sustainable’ and ‘slow fashion' are the keywords that epitomise the Harper St curation of edgy collections. There has been no lack of effort in bringing the work and imagination of so many intriguing designers together in one place where they can be perused at leisure.

But, as a more discerning shopper, when you look under the surface of Harper St you will start to appreciate the courage and the dedication it has taken to bring this store to where it is now. With a predominance of Australian designers with a scattering of others from around the continents, Harper St has rejected the more traditional concept of fashion, snubbed the major brands and instead invested their belief, confidence and finances in artisans who share their philosophy. A philosophy that celebrates individuality, and freedom of expression through clothing, jewellery, and homewares and achieves all this through responsible working practices.

Yes, Harper St is a fabulous place to shop, but it is so much more than that too. It is a remarkable example of a vision being fulfilled that can only serve to inspire others to realise their own dreams.

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