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Stylish Skirts To Flatter Every Figure

Skirts are fun, comfortable, versatile pieces that can flatter your figure, that is, if you wear the right kind for your body type. Skirts feature strangling at our women’s fashion boutique Not sure about what is the best skirt for your body type and what skirts are in style for 2021?

Here are the best types of skirts for different figures that never go out of style, whether it’s the 1990s, 2000s and beyond.

Inverted Triangle

If you have an inverted triangle shape, it means your shoulders are wider than your hips. To add width and volume to your lower half, wear a flared or flowy skirt. Aside from being comfortable, a flared skirt will give the illusion of an hourglass figure.


Women with a rectangle body shape usually have bust, waist and hip measurements in equal proportions. ‍ Rectangle-shaped women also tend to be tall and lean, so they are not particularly curvy. They do not have a well-defined waist and tend to have a rather flat bottom.

If you belong to this figure category, you have plenty of choices. You can wear form-fitting pencil skirts, asymmetrical or voluminous skirt cuts like flared, A-line or a full midi.


Apple-shaped women tend to be heavier around the middle, but have great-looking slender legs.

To draw the eyes away from your waist, you may wear an A-line skirt that skims over your middle section or a high-waist skirt that’s fitted over the slimmest part of your torso. Keep the length to just above the knee. If you wear it too short, you’ll look top-heavy, whilst going too long won’t do justice to your fabulous legs.


If you are pear-shaped, it means your bottom half is wider and heavier than the top half.

Wearing a pull-on A-line skirt that flares downward will accentuate your waist whilst minimising your lower half, particularly your hips and thighs. You may also choose to wear darker-coloured skirts or ones with busy patterns to distract the eyes.


When you already have that coveted hourglass shape, you may choose to flaunt your figure by wearing pencil skirts or just about any type of skirt you want. When it comes to colours, opt for skirts in classic neutral shades or rich, deep hues.

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