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Transport Yourself Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Mention concoctions like bourbon wood, caramel sky, island bloom and sea foam you might be wondering whether you really are on a ladies online clothing boutique but before you bolt away I promise from my own personal experience, I really am talking about transporting yourself off to the beach, farmers market or beyond your wildest dreams. 

Seriously! What would I know about it? Well, not much really but I know a good thing when I see it and like many others I'm a sucker for luxurious skincare. On a side note I've written a few articles for Australian botanical skincare brands where I would delve in, research all the ingredients of each product and then flip it into laymen's terms for their audience. 

Clinque, Jurlique and Jo Malone are among my favourites which you've probably heard of, but I'll put my bottom dollar on Nektar Australia, with time, running circles around them all. Thrilled to be introducing Nektar Australia to my little space of joy. These guys are the goods! 

Influenced by nature and inspired by modern living and sustainable luxury, nēktar provides you with a bespoke range of high-end personal care products which have been carefully crafted in Australia using naturally derived ingredients and the highest quality essential oils. 

With a strong moral and ethical obligation to the consumer and the environment, all nēktar products are packed with nutrient rich formulations and have been specifically designed to provide superior performance, quality and authenticity.

Stunning range of personal care products will gently nourish, cleanse and hydrate your skin whilst natural soy candles will fill your space with layers of love, warmth and memories.

All nēktar products are designed and made in small batches in Australia, as well as certified Australian made and owned. A reflection of true artisanal production, the superb range of hand wash and lotions are all hand filled and our soap bars and candles are hand poured.

Nēktar does not employ the use of SLS/SLES, synthetic dyes or colourants, harsh detergents, silicones or parabens in their ingredients, and also maintains a strict policy on ensuring their products are cruelty free and vegan.

When you purchase a nēktar product you are choosing a lifestyle; clean living luxury with a strong emphasis on nature and the environment. Nēktar is committed to ensuring transparency of their products and ingredients and remaining authentic to embracing natural living. 

I think Sea Foam is my favourite! What's yours? 

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